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I admit it, I am vain.  But I think I'm entitled to it.  I was one of those gawky girls that got her height way before anything else, which made me popular for basketball and volleyball and pretty much nothing else.  Brown hair, greenish-brown eyes behind glasses, braces and a complexion that was a constant battleground.  The only dates I got were the ones in my trail mix.
     Then I came back from Winter break my freshman year at college.  I had discovered hair colour in a bottle, got contacts, lost the braces, won the battle for my face, and the fifteen pounds that a freshman is supposed to gain their first year, well I gained 25.  Fortunately on my 5'10, it really went to about the places a girl (and a boy too for that matter) hopes it's going to go.
     Yes it's the ugly duckling story, and as a swan I was tall, trim yet curvy, auburn hair and marvelous skin.  I was already pretty now, but with a little attention of makeup and fashion, I had become, in a few months, glamorous.  No fooling. Why am I telling you this? Mostly so you can build a mental picture, but also so you can tell that while I am vain, I'm not conceited.  I've learned how to make myself more attractive and how to stay fit.
Which brings us to the beginning of my story, or origin for you purists.  I had long since dropped team sports, and turned to running, yoga and kickboxing to stay in shape.  That spring I happened to be out running late one evening through the park trails near campus dressed in my typical college bum uniform, a t-shirt, bell-bottom tights and sneakers.  When I wasn't actively trying to be professional or glamorous, I preferred comfy clothes, but I had been a jockette for so long that workout clothes were comfy to me.                   So there I am running along, not a care in the world.  I was on my way back to the dorms.  It was pre-dawn, which was fine with me, it was nice and quiet.  I wasn't afraid of getting attacked or anything, because I figured I could outrun any evildoer and those I couldn't, I could beat up. Kickboxing, remember?
     My route took me through a patch of fog that I ran through without really even noticing but it was just past the fog that I got a little light-headed.  Fortunately, there was a park bench just up the path that I made it to for a little break.  I didn't sit down, rather I leaned against the back of it, resting my hands on my hips and taking deep breaths hoping to clear my head. My head soon cleared, but as I stood there breathing, I began to notice something else was a bit odd. At first I thought I was imagining things, then I thought I was just fidgety, but then I pinned down the source of my unease.  It was my clothes, my clothes felt too tight.  I looked down at myself just as I felt a weird pressure inside me that I couldn't explain and my hands that were still on my hips gently but suddenly moved outwards. I couldn't believe it but I was getting...wider?  My hips were spreading out.  I could feel my tights drawing tighter across my hips and I could feel them expanding, pressing out against my hands.  While I was stunned at this new development of my figure, I felt a funny push behind me off the park bench.  Looking behind me I saw no one, but a tightening in my pants across my bottom made me put my hands to my rear and I found that I has expanded there as well!  My butt had pumped up a very noticeable several inches and pushed me away from the park bench.  My butt was actually large enough now that I could twist and see it.
"Wha...what's happening to me?  I'm filling out?" I looked back at my front as I felt my thighs plump up, thickening so much that they touched, and then pressed together. With my body swelling up the way it was I thought I was past any shock.  So naturally that was when I started to feel the pressure growing in my belly.
"Ooof" I gasped, running a thumb inside my waistband, which had become a lot more snug that before.  I put my hands on my flat tummy, feeling myself expand, the front of my tights bulging as I filled them out with a respectable potbelly.  I tried pushing my new belly back in, to flatten it out and I found that my new curves were soft, but insistent.  No matter how hard I pressed down, I couldn't return my belly to its former flat shape and when I took my hands away, I puffed right back up again.  I had gone from athletically svelte to pear-shaped!  
"Oh, I need to get back to my room before I get any bigger" I had just voiced that thought when I felt my sports bra tighten and shift on my body.  My breasts were growing!  My chest had filled out so much that I felt unnatural, with the mighty prow of my breasts leading my way. I took off at a run for my dorm to at least get under cover.  It wasn't easy.  My bulging proportions made me slow down some, especially my chest, in addition to becoming a lot bustier I was also a lot bouncier.  I had to run with one hand holding my breasts down.  As I continued to swell, my run eventually turned into a waddling trot.
The figure that emerged from the dark bushes near my dorm bore only a small resemblance to the young woman who set out for a run.  I was now very full figured; my lower legs had swelled up along with my thighs, hips and butt, making my tights quite snug all over me.  My belly had continued to swell along with the rest of me, I was so far past my previous 24 inch waist that I couldn't see my feet, my whole midsection had filled up, bulging out between my t-shirt and my tights.  I was pretty sure I was bigger than most of the pregnant women I had seen...I certainly felt like I was bigger!  My bulging belly was what slowed me down the most, since I stuck out more in front (actually, behind as well) my fattened thighs couldn't rise as much so I couldn't run as well.  Not to mention that all my extra surface area made me just really ungainly. Even my sides and arms had started to swell up.  My sides now bulged out so I could see from my shadow that my torso was looking rounder, and I couldn't drop my arms at my sides.  Or rather I could but both my arms and my sides were so much bigger than before that it looked as if my arms were starting to rise as I grew. Naturally my breasts had also continued to expand.  I wasn't sure how big I was, but I felt as if I had two volleyballs stuffed in my shirt.  If I held my big breasts in my hands I couldn't close my fingers around them.  Luckily the growing bulk of the rest of my body had slowed down my run, I needed both arms to keep me from bouncing.
The small resemblance I had to my former, slimmer self was my face, hands, and feet apparently were not affected at all. Well, a quick dash up the stairs...turned into a show dash up the stairs.  Same problem as with running, I was now so fat that my belly was getting in the way of my legs as I climbed the stairs.  I made it all the way up when; on the last step...I tripped!  
I wasn't exactly graceful at the best of times, but in my current condition, well it wasn't surprising that I tripped. I fell flat on my face, well not actually.  In fact I fell flat on my pumped up belly and breasts, they stuck out much farther than my face.  When I hit I felt my new curves give under me and I'm pretty sure there was a muffled "buuuum" sound, then I bounced!  Two or three times I bounced along the ground, it didn't hurt at all. I tried to keep myself upright with my hands because I didn't want to think of what I would have to do if I fell over on one side or on my back.  I wasn't sure I could get up again.  When I finally stopped bouncing, a few yards from the steps,
I took a quick stock of myself, nothing even bruised or scraped.  I struggled with getting my plump legs under me to get my bulging body upright, and then I grabbed the handle of the dorm door and opened it.
     After considering the open doorway for a moment, I opened the other half of the double doors.  I had become too big to fit through a door easily; I hoped I could fit into my dorm room.   I only had to go up one flight of stairs to get to my room, although it was a tight fit squeezing my bloated figure through the single door in the stairwell.  I was careful, and didn't rush and managed to avoid any more stumbles, then had another tight squeeze getting out of the stairwell.  But finally, with a disturbing "pop" sound I was free of the stairwell and in my hall on my floor.  Which, unfortunately for me was brightly lit, even at this hour.  
     I waddled down the hall as quickly as I could safely, hoping no one would step outside their rooms.  Well that much at least went right for me.  I made it to my door, keyed it open, took a deep breath, turned sideways, and went in, closing the door behind me.          It was still close, my breasts, belly and bottom still brushed the doorframe, but I didn't have to struggle with it. So now I was standing in my dim dorm room, the streetlights outside made for the dim lighting.  It was dark enough to sleep in, but it was also bright enough to sorta see people and shapes.  I was certain I didn't want any people seeing my shape!  I slowly and carefully stepped over to my bed, and my extra-wide hip smacked right into the closet door.  I froze, afraid to breathe.  I needed to be stealthy, like a ninja!  I took another silent step, than another and my belly bumped against one of the desk lamps.  I managed to catch it before it fell but it still clattered before I could steady it on the desk.  
     'Ninjas hah, ninjas weren't this fat!' I thought to myself, putting a hand on my newly rounded belly.  I made it to my bed, all I really wanted to do was crawl into nice warm covers, forget about my new shape for a while and figure it out in the morning.  I sat down on the bed, bouncing a little on my full round bottom.  Sitting as I was, I had to open my plump thighs to allow my full, bulging belly the room to allow me to sit normally. Oh my gosh, I was so fat I was probably twice my normal size, I felt huge! Naturally that's when the light came on, "Amanda?"
     Aw hell.
     I have a roommate, Lynn. She's a pretty, blonde theatre major; she's a good student, a great roommate and a really nice person.   When that light turned onI wished she were not really...I wished I were dead.
     "Manda, what are you doing?"  I could hear the sleep still fuzzing her voice, but I could also see her getting more awake the more she looked at me.
     "Nothing, go back to bed."
     "Amanda, what are you doing?"  In the exact same sentence I could hear the tone change from sleepy to alert and suspicious.  I couldn't think of a thing to say, I just sat there with my hands resting on my belly watching Lynn watch me. She slowly got out of bed and slowly approached me,
     "Amanda, you look...stuffed." she said with a hint of a smile, not sure what the joke was.
     "I know, I just don't know why."
     Lynn reached out to poke my belly with a finger, "Is all this balloons, pillows, what?"  She felt her finger sink into my belly slightly, then she frowned and put her hand against it, "you're warm!"
     I nodded, "It isn't pillows or balloons, it's me."
     "Can't be, you're huge!"
     I was near tears, "Thanks a lot."
     She saw the effect her words and my condition were having on me, and she quickly adopted a more sympathetic tone, sitting next to me and putting an arm around my shoulders, though she had to reach a bit farther than she used to.  I related my experience to her with only a little sniffling and crying, and when I was done, she was staring at me with a mix of wonder and pity.
     "'ve blown up like a balloon?"
     "Uh," I pressed on the side of one of my breasts,
     "Yeah I guess, I do sorta feel like a balloon" She pressed down on my round belly, "you feel like one from the outside.  How do you feel inside? Are you heavy?"
     "Full," We both managed to laugh at that, "but yeah, I do feel really , well, gassy.  A lot of pressure, but no actual weight, no." I patted my bulging waistline.
     "Well, obvious effects aside, you don't seem to be in any harm or danger."
     "Other than bursting you mean?"
     "Really?" I considered how I felt and shook my head, " No, not really.  I mean I feel tight and full but not as if I were literally going to explode.  In fact I fell a little peppy, pretty good I mean."
     "Lynn, what am I going to do?  You said it yourself, I've blown up like a balloon!"
     She looked up at the window seeing the lightening sky,
     "First thing is you stay inside.  I'll go to your professors and explain you're sick and make sure that you have all your readings or assignments.  You can email your work in, and I can bring you meals, that will buy us some time maybe to figure out how to..."
     "Deflate me?"
     She smiled sadly at me, nodded, and began bustling around for her day.  She dressed, made coffee, assembled her class materials into her bag, sent a few emails, brushed her hair and teeth and was out.  
     With nothing else to do other than listening to the waking sounds of the dorm around me, I kicked off my shoes, and slid beneath the covers.  Then I sat up awkwardly, got up and walked over to Lynn's bed and took her pillows, returned to my bed and used the extra pillows to bolster a rest for my head.  With my legs, hips, sides and arms all inflated my head hung down uncomfortably.  The extra pillows did the trick though.  This new figure was going to take some getting used to, though I hoped I wouldn't have to be big long enough to get used to it. I know I somehow managed a nap, because Lynn woke me up when she came back,
     "Amanda honey?" I didn't need to open my eyes or explore my body to know that nothing had changed.  I could still feel the pressure inside me.
     "Do you want to get up? I have some breakfast."
     "What time is it?"
     "It's only like half past eight, I told all my professors that my roomie was really sick and I needed my assignments also so I could look after her.  I have all your class materials on your desk, your profs'll email you with any changes."
     "I guess being a good student pays off when you need a little time off if you're feeling a little gassy."
     "Glad to see your sense of humor is functional.  Um, do you need some help getting up?" I sighed, "Yes, please." Lynn took my hand and braced herself for me to pull myself up...and when I pulled, came flying toward me, and landed on top of me.
     "What the...?"
     "Geez Manda, I though you were going to throw me through the wall!" I could see she was serious, she wasn't clowning around, I had jerked her right off her feet.  Lynn
being Lynn however, couldn't remain serious for long though,           "Wow, you're pretty comfy you know that?"
     "Great, I'm an air mattress." She kissed me on the cheek           "Well," she said scrambling off of me to get behind me to push me upright, "You're the sexiest air mattress I know."  Once I was sitting
upright on the edge of my bed again, she unveiled breakfast.  A half-dozen chocolate éclairs.  
     "Umm Lynn, I'm not sure I should be eating pastry," I gestured to my swollen figure.
     "Oh come on, we both know we love éclairs, and if you can't eat as many as you want today of all days then life isn't worth living.  I mean, you aren't going to the gym anytime soon, you're already fat, might as well." I was starting to cave, "But six?" She looked me square in the eye, "Three for you, three for me."
     "Three for you?
     "Well I figure if I get a little plump, I'll still look skinny standing next to you," She said with a grin.
     That's why friends are friends.  Even when you're whole world is askew; they can say the wrong thing and make it the right thing. Three éclairs later, we had slid off the bed and were sitting on the floor, leaning against my bed.
     "Have you tried exhaling or blowing really hard?"
     "What about squishing the air out of you?"
     Lynn got to her feet and stood over me, pressed her hands against my bloated belly and pushed down with all her might.  I felt the pressure displace inside me, but no lessening of pressure.  Lynn pushed on me until she was red in the face, but nothing changed.       She finally stopped, dropping to her knees facing me, then leaned on the bed, supporting herself with one arm, "Sorry hon," she said and kissed me on the cheek.
     Except she missed. Her kiss landed right on my mouth.  That in itself was no biggie, I had kissed her before, and better ones than this one, but the effect brought a squeak of surprise from both of us.  The pressure inside me was decreasing!
     "Lynn! You did it! I'm deflating!" I pressed on my waistline trying to force it out faster.
     "Uh...Manda...I feel funny." I laughed, delighted at my diminishing curves, "Not as funny as I do!"
     "I feel...gassy." I looked over at her.  Her frowning face was turned down so she could look at herself and her hands were pressed lightly to her waist.  The front of her sweatpants bulged out and the waistband stretched as her belly inflated, filling up her pants.  The wrinkles in the sweats pres sed themselves out as her body grew inside them.
     "Manda...I...I'm blowing up!" She was.  It was different to watch it from the outside.  Her belly had drawn her sweats tight across the front, and I could see her rising up as her bottom inflated, taking up any slack in the rear of her sweats.  She pulled her legs out from her kneeling position beneath her and dropped herself on her inflated butt, bouncing a few times.  Her hips and legs spread out, filling up the little room left in her pants, stretching them across her bloated body.   She ran her hands over her hips, belly and legs as they swelled up in front of her, then shifted her attention and her hands to her chest.  When her breasts started to inflate, they pulled the tank top right out of the waistband of her sweats.  She put her hands on her breasts as if to hold herself down or in.  As her curves took up more room inside her top, the neckline was pulled down and I could see impressive cleavage developing as her bra failed to stretch to fit her newly top-heavy figure.  Then the hissing stopped. We stared at each other for a moment.  Then I struggled to my feet.  It was easier now that I had deflated, but I had only deflated somewhat, I was still a long way from being slim.  I reached down to help Lynn to her feet. She stood up next to me, a little unsteady in her new shape, "Manda, what did you do to me?" she asked, pressing her hands into her new inflated curves.
     "I...I don't know, I'm sorry!"
     "Ooo, I feel like a blimp!"
     "Welcome to my world.  I was still having trouble adjusting to me being pumped up, now we're both fat!" Lynn turned to look in the full-length mirror mounted to the bathroom door and pulled me over to her side.  We had grown so wide we had to take a few steps back so we could both see ourselves.  We both turned around and grabbed our inflated bottoms at the same time.
      "Manda, out butts are huge." It was actually the first time I had really been able to look at myself since this all started, and I could see the effects on Lynn's body as well.  I felt fat, but we didn't really look fat.  I mean we were fat in that we were much larger and rounder than normal, but we didn't look fat like fat is fat.  There wasn't a bit of jiggle or sag to our new curves.  Lynn bulged all over, she was thicker wider and fatter, but if I didn't know better, looking at Lynn, she just looked like a pretty girl with pillows or balloons stuffed in her clothes.  Which explained her question to me when she saw my new figure.  And I looked the same way, inflated.
     Lynn hefted her belly in her hands, "We're both blimps."
     I pressed my hand on her bulging waistline, feeling the warm swell of her belly, feeling the pressure displace beneath my hand then watching her puff back up when I removed my hand, she felt inflated.
     "But we can deflate, I'm not as big as I was before you kissed me.  I'm-"
     "Half the size you were before, which still makes you look really pumped up, and I've got the other half of it in me which makes me look really pumped up."  She ran her hands down her plump thighs in her skintight sweatpants, "I'm glad I didn't wear jeans today." I was relieved to see that she was smiling.  I was happy I had deflated some, but I felt bad that she had blown up with my excess gas.  Lynn seemed to be taking it in stride though; she was usually more unflappable than I was.
     We spend the afternoon getting used to our new figures.  We weighed ourselves; to our surprise we both weighed in lighter than we remembered being.  We measured our new proportions, which out of vanity, I'm going to omit for now.  We sorted our clothes into things we couldn't fit into which was most of it, and things we could wear which was a disturbing collection of workout spandex and lycra, swimsuits and sweat pants.  Neither of us had a sweatshirt that we could stuff our inflated bustlines into, but there were a number of oversized t-shirts that were snug on our oversized breasts, but satisfied decency.
     We tried to figure out how we felt.  Naturally both of us were disturbed at our new size, but when you really came down to it, we didn't really feel bad, in fact I honestly couldn't remember feeling better.  We also spend a great deal of time just pressing or stroking our new curves, getting used to the new feel and shape of our bodies, but it was also very comforting in a way like nothing else was.  It was comforting inside and out, I mean our bulging curves felt good under our hands and our supersized figures enjoyed the physical contact.  Our big, pillowy bodies were almost mesmerizing to us.  Lynn hit on the first breakthrough though.  
     "Remember this morning when I tried to help you up and you pulled me across the room?"
     "Yes?"  I wasn't sure where this was going.
     "That was more than me just being off-balance, close your eyes." I complied, one of the rules we had established was total support when trying to figure this out.  I heard Lynn rustle at her desk a little, then I felt her place something in my hands.  Hard, smoothish, round and cool. A poker chip, I though
     "Break it in half." I didn't see what this was supposed to accomplish, but I complied, snapping the little plastic disk in half with little effort.
     "Open your eyes," she commanded, a hint of awe in her voice. In my hands was two halves of a half dollar.  I looked at Lynn, then back to the ruined coin.  Then I put the pieces against each other and tore the double thickness in half as well. We both laughed aloud, Lynn tossed a phone book at me, which I tore in half as well.        Then a wrench that I twisted into a spiral.  My new super-strength was so amazing that it wasn't even too much of a downer when Lynn tried to untwist the wrench and found that she was no stronger than ever.  Well, we spent quite sometime, crushing, tearing or bending things that I shouldn't normally been able to affect at all.
     "Amanda, you're a superhero!  Well, heroine I mean.  This is great: you're super strong!  What else can you do?"
     "I have no idea."
     "Can you fly?"
     I considered this, "How can you tell if you can fly?"
     Lynn considered that, "Well, we could throw you off a building...never mind.  How about heat vision?  Do you have heat vision?"  I tried, but luckily for my contacts and our dorm room, I couldn't find any heat vision.
     "Oh I have an idea! Close your eyes."
Well it worked out pretty well last time, so I did.  I felt her smack me on the top of my head, "Hey!"
     "Keep 'em closed muscles, this is science," then she smacked me on the skull three more times.
     "Do I get to punch you next?"
     "Wow, lookit." I did.  The instant I opened my eyes, I caught a glimpse of her with a baseball bat in both hands, bringing it down square on my head.   Yep, I barely noticed.  Turned out that I seemed to be pretty resistant to harm as well.
     "I wonder if you're bulletproof?" she murmured.
     "We aren't finding out!"
     That was that, I did have super powers.  I was super strong, and invulnerable.  A quick test with the baseball bat when Lynn's back was turned showed me that she while she lacked my strength, she was resistant to harm as well.  I immediately vetoed going to the campus gym to try to measure how strong I was.
     "We're already in gym clothes," she tried.
     "We're barely in our gym clothes, besides it looks as if there's two of us in there," I replied, prodding her bloated stomach.
      We talked and experimented late into the night and eventually drifted off to sleep in the early hours of the morning.  I woke once to see Lynn's unmistakable figure silhouetted against the open doorway of our room, as she backed in with some burden in her hands.  Had she gone out? Like that? She must have noticed me stir because she said, "Go back to sleep, I'm just putting the cat out."
I did, even though we didn't have a cat.

     When I woke up the next morning I noticed immediately that I felt great, but it was strange that I was looking down at Lynn standing next to my bed.  We had normal beds not bunks or anything... Lynn was looking up at me grinning, "Wow, it worked!" I looked straight down and saw my bed a few feet beneath me...beneath me?!  
     "Lynn," my voice sounded funny, squeaky, "Am I floating?"
     "Yeah, while you were asleep I went and nabbed one of the helium tanks from the dorm activity closed and sorta...pumped you up a little."
     "A little?" I pulled the covers off my buoyant body to look at myself.  I was even bigger than I was yesterday morning! And I was floating about six feet off the ground.  My lycra running outfit was stretched taut across my gassy body.  "Lynn!  I really am a blimp now!  Look at me; I look like a parade float!  How am I going to get down?"  And all this in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice.
     "Amanda, have I ever let you down?"
     "No you blew me up instead!" I squeaked.
     "I thought about this all night," she said, reaching up to take a hold of my rounded floating figure.
     "Ooof I feel like I'm going to burst."
     "Well not surprising since you have more gas pumped into you that you did yesterday, but I don't think you're actually in any danger.  Do you feel any worse?"
      I ran my hands over my overinflated, bulging curves, "No I feel pretty good, but I feel sorta...stuffed.  But did you have to blow me up so fat?" Lynn was trying to tug me down, and accidentally swung me into a wall, "Hey!"
     "Sorry," she grunted, "But it isn't easy anchoring an helium filled friend when you're a little puffy and bloated yourself."   The buoyant gas plumping my legs and butt, pulled my lower half up, I tilted on my axis so I was now more head down.  Then she pulled on a rope that I didn't know was tied across my hips and butt and looped under a barbell on the floor as a pulley and reeled me down.  With the rope around my hips and the ballast of the barbell, I was able to stand upright, even if my feet weren't touching the ground. I was still floating. This effort finished she faced me, "I’ve tried to reason out what happened to us.  When we kissed, you decreased in size by half and I blew up the same amount.  I wonder what happens if we kiss again?"
     "You might get bigger," I pointed out.
     "Or you might."
     We were silent for a moment, chewing that over, "We need to know what we can do." I said.  Though perhaps a little unkindly I sort of hoped she'd blow up some more, I felt so fat.
We met in the middle of the room, each of us resting her hands on the wide hips of the other; we stepped forward to kiss...and stopped.
     Or rather our bodies stopped us.  We both looked down where our inflated breasts and bulging bellies were pressed together, but we were too fat to actually reach each other with our faces.  Giggling, we spread our plump legs to allow us to tilt our bodies forward like an A, until our faces could meet.
     We kissed.
     I knew it had worked before I heard the hiss coming from Lynn.  I could feel the pressure decreasing and my body slimmed, becoming less buoyant.
     "Wow," Lynn squeaked, her voice high-pitched from the helium filling her.  For the second time I watched my friend inflate.  Naturally she was still already pumped up from our last kiss, and now she swelled up even more.  She held onto her bulging midsection as her belly rounded and filled even more, pushing over the waistband of her sweats, I could see the top of the stretch satin white panties she wore beneath, and they were earning the stretch in their name.  Her hips and rear ballooned out, splitting the seams of her sweatpants from waist to ankle as her legs plumped up twice their previous size.  Now her arms plumped up as well, rising up from her body as her sides bulged and rounded out, making her torso and midsection one steady, full curve.  I heard the snap as her bra burst under her tank top, as her breasts ballooned up. Now buoyant, her breasts totally filled up her top, the bottom hem only barely coming to the bottom of her overinflated, bouncy, floating breasts.
     Of course while all this was going on, while she filled with helium, she also rose off the floor, her feet swaying and kicking a little as she got lighter and lighter. I watched her float past me, her expanding figure now wearing little more than a very small undershirt and a pair of shiny white satin panties that she was bulging out of.  Yet through it all, despite that she was looking down at herself the whole time, she never lost the smile of joy and wonder on her face. I was distracted by her new expansion and the helium leaving my body, I didn't think twice about deflating until the rope around me slid down off my slimmer hips and butt, and I shot upwards again, no longer anchored!  While I had lost half of the helium to Lynn, Apparently we each still pumped full of enough helium to make us float.  With no anchor on either of us, Lynn slightly ahead of me, we floated up until our heads bounced on the ceiling, then the helium filling the rest of our bodies pulled our butts up behind us so that our backs were pressed against the ceiling, our puffy arms and legs semi-starfished around us.  We floated there for a moment, gently bouncing against the ceiling and drifting a little with breathing and changes in our movement.
     "Well," I squeaked, "I didn't think I'd be doing this when I got out of bed this morning."
     "I did," she squeaked back.  "Oh don't look so grumpy, I know its all a front."
"How do you figure?"
     "Because barring a few moments of shock, you have hardly stopped smiling since you came in yesterday morning.  Think about it, you're liking being inflated just as much as I am."
As I bounced along my ceiling, looking down at our dorm room, I figured that up here there wasn't much else to do but think until we came up with a way to get down.  I hoped I would find out that she was wrong.
     But I doubted it.
This is a thanks to all those people who visited my site before I even had any content in it. ;) Thanks.
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boxeater5 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009
Fantastic story and I love your descriptions
Balloonie-cat Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2006
Oh yeah, nice job avoiding the cliche that one or both of the main characters is into inflation to begin with:)

Balloonie-cat Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2006
Great story:) I loved it. I haven't had a chance to read the 2nd one yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Heliumphreak Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
Great story! It was very well put together with good character development. Definitely one of my favs. :)
Kajamakuji Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2006
Very well written. You could even say well rounded characters. Heh, pun aside though, they have personality.
NycterisA Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
WakaMiyafuji Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006
I love this story!
The characters are wonderful and this just has such a cute vibe to it without being too cute, ya?
A definite fav in my book.
mixmaster280 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2005
^_^ you did a much better job with this than i could have ever done. i love the first person story telling style
Inflate123 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Great job, and I'm eager to see future chapters--you've done a great job establishing their relationship. It's clear that this is not your first story--just your first story under this psuedonym. :)
darth-clone19 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
Amazing, and very sexy. Hope you keep up the good work. I dont particularly like characters to enjoy inflation, but it was great in here. Hopefully we get more from you soon.
SvenSvenson Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2005
Swell job!
PhilcoTV Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2005
This is really well done. Quite sweet and gentle, and sexy too. Just a tad wordy here and there, but a very auspicious beginning.
Now you just need to find someone to do fanart illustrations! (Don't look at me -- I'm a BE guy, and a hack.)
wesker991 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very Nice!!!
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